Friday, 22 April 2011

Frágil! Manejar con cuidado. Gracias!

A 24 hour transit day from sunny Wesham to er, sunny Costa Mesa. Against all the odds there were no cock-ups: B.A. were cool about the bike, but more importantly so were the baggage handlers as it seemed to be fairly unscathed. I say 'seemed' as I haven't actually unpacked it fully yet, ahem.

At T5 it was safe to say that Olympic fever hadn't quite taken hold...yet.

...and it was heartening to see some sort of public profile for Macmillan, not to mention Johnny Foreigner lobbing in his coins.

And one for the road. Honest.

The Obama-mobile aka Airforce One was parked at LAX when I arrived: he was in town trying to raise some shekels for his re-election coffers. Wonder if he gets the same old line from Clooney as I get from T.T.P., "It's on my to-do list mate...remind me later."? Only joking Timothy...I know you'll cough eventually.

Pick up the hire motor no problem and have Easter-mental traffic all the 40-odd miles to Costa Mesa. Motel is fine and I'm pleased to see that the America By Bike company really does exist!

Head out for a steak and some top local brews- it's when you see this you remember that you're in that America alright...

Finally found these tasteful items waiting for me..."Well you doin' L.A.? Keef, keep pedallin'! Well awriight!"

Blessed are the baggage-handlers!

More nonsense to come. Bet on it.