Monday, 25 April 2011

Surfin' Safari...Day 1...Costa Mesa to Palm Springs...Sunday 24/04/11

In all honesty, that was about as pleasant as 110 miles on a bike can ever be, with 'champagne cycling' for thirty miles until the first stop. Obviously everybody was a tad excited, if not giddy at having finally started this madness!

The twenty or so of us set off from the hotel about 0730 and made our way down to Huntington Beach where tradition was observed i.e. you got your feet wet in The Pacific and dipped your back wheel in. No, me neither!

As you can probably see we a bit lucky with the overcast conditions- thankfully it wasn't baking-hot, hah-hah! Our luck held all the way until about 30 miles from the end: well, the sun has to shine in Palm's the law.

Random landmark no.1...Anaheim Stadium, home of The Angels.

Plenty of that below... 

 When you see the turbines you know that Palm Springs isn't too far away. Well, that plus the road sign said so.

 Our Tour Leader, Mike, had told us that we could expect an insanely easy finish for the last 15 miles: the man wasn't lying. The speedo says 39 mph near enough (and I for one believe it)...and that was on the flat!

So we did indeed showboat-it big time to the hotel. Tomorrow though is gonna be quite a bit tougher so the preparation (H) starts as soon as I've stopped typing this rubbish. Cheers!

Stats...always with the stats...What Garmin reckons!