Monday, 23 May 2011

Batman Theme...Day 29...Dunkirk to Batavia...Sun 22/05/11

We rolled out along Lake Erie again, and it looked beautiful...again. backside. Did I mention this already? Where there's blame, there's a claim etc...

Andy has some bizarre old tat for sale...    


Warriors indeed.

Passing the Veteran's Museum in Hamburg.

The A.B.B. support wagon lumbers into view and isn't too chuffed at having to deal with yet another flat...

Pretending that I'm enjoying it all. Actually, if truth be told...I will miss some of this. Not the early starts or the sometimes repetitive diet for sure, hah-hah!

                 (Courtesy Mike Munk.)

Wafting through East Aurora- a very nice spot and it was cheering to see so many folks outdoors enjoying Sunday brunch. Swine.

"Buffalo girls won't you stay in tonight, stay in tonight, stay in tonight?"

I would never use a cheap and obvious tag-line like "Dumb and Dumber"...oh, too late. Mark and Sir Clive pfaff around trying to change Sir Clive's second flat in a mile.
Thank Goodness that A.B.B. arrived unsummoned when it did...actually we had done it anyway, albeit in a slightly 'Keystone Kops' fashion.

The short and easy day ended with Mark buying us superb milkshakes at this Batavian oasis. Fantastic!

Back to real mileages until the we go, here we go, here we go...

Stats...stats...stats...Sunday numbers ahoy!