Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Israelites...Day 23...Tuscola to Lebanon, IN...Mon 16/05/11

Expecting rain and all sorts of malarkey, we spun away into a blustery Northerly wind but vibrant skies...it remained that way for the next 120 miles.

Even my deliacte and subtle lenswork cannot fully convey the absolute pain-in-the-arse that the wind was. There were no freebies today, and to help myself (obviously) I linked-up with other 'fugees like Sir Clive, Lee and Mark to fight against the invisible foe.

Not in a position of responsiblity, surely?

Spied in the town of Dansville...

Another day, another state...

"My kind of town..."

Luncheon was taken at 84 miles...after we had lost an hour by crossing into Indiana and thus moving into the Central Time Zone. Was already a long day...

Yeah, and 21 sore arses too, pal.

Missing 445?

At last...the Promised Land. Alright, not accurate in any way with history but that's the way it felt.

And finally, The Big Man...Lasse (Norwegian loon) chows down on his second burger at the only watering & feeding hole around. Dear Lord. Looks like Liam Neeson gone wrong, hah-hah!

More nonsense tomorrow, no doubt...

Stats...stats...stats...Hard-won numbers. Not fast either!