Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes...Day 10...Las Vegas to Tucumcari...Tues 03/05/11

So we are given an extra hour this morning to ready ourselves as a sort of 'well done for not dying' yesterday, hah-hah! Well, that and the fact that today is a shorter ride at 110 miles and only 3100' of climbing along with mainly favourable winds should mean an earlier finish.

Headed-out wrapped-up as it was only 42F (5C for you modernistas living in the 21st century) and loved views like this:

Still remnants of snow up here...

Breathtaking descent time...again: just past the town of Trujillo and you can't believe the vista as the bends unfold. Makes you laugh out loud...again.

As the road worked across the plain below, this B1 flew across low-level. My initial reaction was "Eh, what on earth...that's going, it's gonna ruin this good inconvenient..." but it put the power on and climbed a little and promptly sodded-off. As did I.

At the first stop and we make the 1000 mile barrier. Only another 2500 to go, then. Oh good.

Wheezing up the 'steep' climb of the day: I think it was 9% at worst, so not UK-steep, just a drag.

Yeah, I know that I've posted about 80 of these 'road-goes-on-forever' shots but it never fails to alternately inspire/demoralise you...probably the same effect that this blog has on you good people, hah-hah!

Into Texas tomorrow: don't mess with it.

And finally...those winning numbers!