Friday, 20 May 2011

A Legal Matter...Day 26...Marysville to Wooster...Thurs 19/05/11

Sorry for not getting this dirge out earlier: I was trying to upload the photos last night and the wi-fi was sooooooooo slow that I thought I'd take a five minute break.
Well, I woke up at 2.30am. Anyway, here we go...

It was only a matter of time before I was rumbled for impersonating a cyclist. Fair play...slap them on etc...

Never great when you wheel your bike out and all the air from the back tyre (note correct non-Colonial spelling) has frankly, sodded-off.
Jim'll fix it. And he did, super-fast.

Best day on the bike for well, days...great roads, beautiful views, it didn't rain...hurrah!


And we passed a few wineries too, much to the approval of the Terre Haute Terror himself, Mr. Tom Newlin. That is about the only view you'll see of him before he disappears over the horizon...

Local authorities near Delaware have kept tabs on Garrold Glitter's whereabouts, thankfully...

Letting the Kiwi brothers, Jason and Patric do all the graft for a couple of picturesque, I've very little conscience left, hah-hah!

Not sure if they were little horses or just very far away...(cheers to Father Ted.)

Saatchi & Saatchi? Never heard of them.

Top civic title: Mayor Mifflin.

Yer actual Amish getaway vehicle.

Well, if it keeps him off 'Match Of The Day', it's got to be a good thing...

Smart-ass comment to myself as I saw this: "Oh yeah? Doesn't seem too...

"...oh hang on a minute!"

Which meant a quick detour onto the highway. No drama.

And finally into lovley Wooster. Must've been a mistake somewhere as we were actually staying in the actual town itself. Actually. A first!

Ohio Steve cut a rather forlorn figure as he waited for his er, treatment.
"No Mr. Ohio...your credit no pay cash!"

UK Bob, Sir Clive, Lee, Big Chris, Mark and myself enjoyed this number...

A good friend of Richard Gere, allegedly. Right, that was Sir Clive's gag, if there any legal comebacks on that, alright?

The beer of the day and the one that I bought Jim for getting me on the road pronto 12 hours earlier. Cheers!

More of the same for tomorrow, please!