Friday, 29 April 2011

Long Live Rock...Day 5...Cottonwood to Winslow...Thurs 28/04/11

On the road again and on the way from Cottonwood to Winslow, through Sedona and Flagstaff...only 107 miles despite what my mental GPS would have you believe.

Red, that's about as much as you need to know about Sedona itself...those rocks are staggering to look at though. I drove through here 10 years ago after visiting Yosemite but I never imagined that I'd be cycling back up the climb to Flagstaff.

Sedona's just around the bend.

The main drag with galleries, coffee houses and that. Bit like Wesham, to be fair.

Hard time keeping your eyes on the road but an even harder time drinking-in the view.

Told you they were red, didn't I? Or is that terracotta. Whatever, just don't ride into them.

Ahh, business as usual...getting dropped as soon as the gradient rises above 0.1%. Just like yesterday, this was sheer joy, all the way up to 7000'.


Bless the good people of Flagstaff and their well-spent tax dollars on this fine stretch on new road. You'll see that this can often be the exception...

I'm backing the A.B.B. Train against the Santa Fe Railroad. Bad call.

And this is what I was mumbling about earlier: we have to keep to the shoulder which is unswept and has variety of debris on it, not to mention being as rough as a badger's arse in (thankfully few) places.

Your actual tumbleweed there. Not known if Jim Davidson was in the area.

I can see for miles and miles.

At last as we roll into Winslow, we happen upon the historic...ah, you can read it for yourselves.
I can only assume that the 'be nice to berks-on-bikes' sign is Winslow's idea of irony. Good on them!

And here are those winning numbers...GPS went doo-lally but the stats are kosher in the main...