Saturday, 14 May 2011

For What It's Worth...Day 20...Quincy to Springfield...Fri 13/05/11

Bit of an alternative start for us today...our breakfast was gonna be served at Mike's Diner in Liberty, which was about 15 miles from our Quincy hotel.
Fair enough- I envisaged a nice pootle along there at a modest pace. D'oh!
Seems like the guys I set out with all had their racing numbers pinned-on: take a bow Tom, Bob, Chris, Lee...that was about as fast a 15 miles as you'd want on an empty stomach. Still, at least we had the choice of the seating!

Possibly one of Ohio Bob's cast-offs...yeah baby!

On the way out of Liberty prior to caning-it again, this time with Steve, Mark, Lee and Bob. Sort of enjoyable...I think!

Almost camouflaged your dish, Sir...

The bridge over the Illinois River before Meredosia...

Opposite direction full-on chap cycling from Minnesota to San Francisco. Best of luck, Sir...

The post-lunch session was a more sedate solo affair, as we all had shredded ourselves, hah-hah!
In any event, we were at our Springfield hotel before 3pm...a nice way to start a day-off. Cheers!

Our food options were narrowed-down slightly when UK Steve/Sir Clive said that he had never been to 'Hooters': no loss in culinary terms but this situation needed to be adressed. Purely in the sake of research...

Four sad, middle-aged geezers: (L-R) Lee, Steve, me, Chris.

Here they are...Pin the numbers on!