Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Voodoo Chile...Day 24...Lebanon to Richmond...Tues 17/05/11

Every once in a while you get days like this: should've been pretty straightforward...says 106 miles on the a bit of a lie-in...time for a few photos...nothing much to think about...oh really?

Whoever is sticking pins into a little model of me on a bicycle could they please jack it in now...oh, there's more than one of you? Hmmm...didn't factor that in, I must admit, hah-hah!

Sir Clive and I breakfasted at Dennys in a leisurely fashion before my usual last-minute scramble to get ready. Only thing was, I reckoned that a) it wasn't gonna rain...drizzle maybe, but no rain, and
b) it wasn't that cold, was it?

Talk about caught-out on both counts...I pedalled hard for 90 mins to try to keep my temperature up as the drizzle gradually gave way to rain and I knew that if the one of the support vans (and preferably the one with the luggage) didn't arrive soonish, then I was in a bind.
The cycling gods gave me a bye as the luggage van did hove into view...quick addition of another two layers and hello sweatfeast! I'd rather that than the shivers...

Due to today's route being as new to the support team as it was to us, there then was a complete pffaf and we lost an hour and got several bonus miles into the bargain. Sounds a hoot probably, but less so when the temperature without wind chill is barely 50F and not going to rise any.
We got to know the town of Noblesville a little too well. Enough said...this one wasn't down to us.


You wouldn't have wanted him for a neighbour, would you?

Yeah, apparently the company director's first name is 'Hugh'...

Where the f**k? (Part one.)

Not missing the interstates too much...

Where the f**k? (Part two.)
Sir Clive and I were again scuppered by more nonsense from our own people: we stopped in front of a realtor's office which had this apt photo-op: the chap saw me take the picture and came out to see if we were as useless as we looked. He wasn't disappointed either, but he did set us on the right track.
Americans: friendly, decent sorts if you discount the bicycle tour-types. Joking, of course.

That's some old school tractorin', right there...

Not be giving South Africa sleepless nights anytime soon...

"The war is over...let it go, Johnny!"

Fair play, and I'm cycling down it 205 years later. Slowly. And drenched.

Didn't see one suspect Oirish bar, thank goodness. Move along...

 See, Copernicus? Weren't so clever after all, were you?

I'm guessing that Ron's 2008 presidential campaign wasn't all that he hoped for...

Was it Jayne or Wayne?

At our super-friendly, people. Bike and model also available in white.

Aaaaaand relax...

Kudos to all the people who rode out in that wasn't easy or pleasant to put it mildly. But we did it!

"I'd give you a beer but I've only got six."  (A hardy perennial from Clement & La Frenais.)

Special thanks go to Luke and J.J. Hewitt who have made a really generous and greatly appreciated donation...thanks guys, your support makes a day like today totally worthwhile. Today's ride is dedicated to you.

Look away now, ye of a nervous disposition...Indecent stats!