Monday, 2 May 2011

Chill before the hill...Day 8...Rest day in Albuquerque...Sun 01/05/11

So it's a day-off in windy and cold Albuquerque: what to do? Well I'll tell you what I wasn't planning to do and that was wake-up at 5am as per, but that is what I did anyway...d'oh!

Mike (tour leader, doing well for 133) advised us to keep a wee bit active today otherwise we'd find tomorrow's horrible hundred even more er, horrible.
That being the received wisdom, I cycled to a local bike shop and bought a cheap'n'nasty rain jacket and then shared a cab with Sir Clive down to 'Old Town' Albuquerque, where we did our own thing.

Mine involved a fruitless search for an Italian restaurant...dunno why on Earth I thought I'd find one down there but there you are.

This is the Senor who founded Alby.

'Old Town'...fulfilling all your tourist-tat wants. Unless you want an Italian restaurant, like.

Settled for the High Noon Steakhouse. And no, I'm not making that up. It was alright, as was beer of the day.


Stats? No chance pal!