Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Blazing Saddles...Day 16...Abilene to Topeka, Mon 09/05/11

Yeah, here we go again on the road for 7.02am and already it was warm...and that was only gonna go one way...up.

Well if that's your attitude, we will leave town!

Leaving Abilene, early-doors.

Tough drag through here.

What's up, horses? Why the long face?

Such a change in the landscape from only two days ago...and it was crazy-warm out there: my Garmin read a high of 104F. I drank in the region of 10 litres of water over the day...ridiculous.

After the day's cycling is done there is a window of opportunity to get your bike attended to if you have a problem...this is where Jim's area of expertise lies...

Steve (Sir Clive) is so organised that even his wardrobe is coordinated with his degreasing foam. Takes all sorts, I suppose...

...and the ineffably cool Daryl gets his bike fettled by our technical guru Jim. Lord help him. Top-notch millinery though, Sir!

More nonsense at the same time tomorrow. Turn the heating down a touch, will you?

Stats...stats...stats...More numbers an' that...