Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Shattered...Day 2...Palm Springs to Blythe...Mon 25/04/11

Away by 0630 and we make our way through manicured Palm Springs: 135 miles? Should be ok...

Great to see The Chairman Of The Board accorded some respect around here...

Rare shot of me leading things: no turns required, thankfully.

And our first unscheduled p-stop, which isn't surprising give how much you drink. Some of the chaps are taking a chance out there with the wildlife...

And what this season's well-dressed Stones fan is wearing. Take note of the relatively kempt appearance after 40 miles...

A fantastic, sweeping climb to take us through to luncheon. A privilege to be doing this.

And this is beside our lunch stop- The MacArthur Museum. Nah, we didn't nip in.

So to I-10: we stayed on here for about 60 miles, or so...it was reasonably clement for this time of year, or so I was reliably informed.

I felt good until 105 miles and then the motor died and it was a bit of a struggle to keep concentration and all that...anyway, finish we did.
Compare and contrast the well-and-truly finished article...

And no, I don't think I would fit inside that bin. Oh yeah, and who says Americans have no taste and refinement? They loved that jersey. Mind you, the state it's in right now they are welcome to it, hah-hah!
An early night? You better believe it.

You want stats? I'll give you stats!


  1. You have now had a taste of the wonderfully warm, dare i say, near desert?! You look pretty good really, as I know you probably usually melt when it gets that warm back home!!

    Onward and forward, Si!!

  2. Well done Si, good going. Judging by your heart rate alone - this is quite intense!

  3. Last time I saw someone in an outfit like that it was a 5ft 10 blonde, busty cheerleader and I have to say you're a poor imitation buddy! Looks even hotter and more knackering than I thought it would be so best of luck Simon.