Thursday, 19 May 2011

Glory Days...Day 25...Richmond to Marysville, OH...Weds 18/05/11

Peering out of the window at 5.30am this morning wasn't a good idea: dark and wet was the view. Oh good.

A shower of lycra eventually leaving our warm and welcoming hotel. Too early and too damp for any of this carry-on. Which incidentally is what we have to do with our luggage...

Alright, have the right-of-way...just this once, mind.

Our tenth state (or so I am told) and it is a real privilege to share the frame with Ohio Bob, who hails from Canton, OH.

Nobody was racing today, which I can only put down to the rough past couple of days. This is the only occasion today that I led any paceline (for all of 30 feet, hah-hah!) and tried to apply some beans. Spent force. Luckily Mike (doing well for 283) was on-hand to record my Voight-esque effort.
Manny is just behind with Ohio Bob looking to accelerate to Mach 3. He is a machine.

Liking Ohio's adoption of using corners and bends in their road-planning. It works.

On no, not again? Nah, we were meant to turn right, thankfully...

Any streams or rivers that you see all have a lot of water running down them, even now...

Three days of peace, love and punctures. Wrong one, Sir...

It was a solo 30 miles after a super-quick lunch (well, it was pleutin' down) which meant I could stop for some rubbish photos, natch...

Really? We'll see what Nestle's Product Development Dept. say about that...

Nestle concurs.

Downtown Marysville is quainter than some...

Our daily review and outline of the next day's two-wheeled shenanigans. Don't be fooled by the apparent air of a library's reading room on a wet Tuesday afternoon.

Highlight of the day? Easy. Meeting-up with Marge (a Colombus resident, big Stones and Bruce fan and inveterate gig-goer) and going to a local place that specialised in fish'n'chips. Thanks for showing, Marge...cheers!

Numbers sans map...dunno why?


  1. Good luck tomorrow- they're only rolling "hills" with pretty countryside.....
    Hope the rain stays away. I for one would love to know that the sun still exists.

    I really enjoyed sharing a beer with you in little old Marysville. See ya on down the road.

  2. Hi Marge,
    Yep, me too...on all counts! Great to see you (again, we think!)...all the very best,