Friday, 6 May 2011

Blowin' In The Wind...Day 12...Dalhart to Liberal, KS...Thurs 05/05/11

Well, we were told that the winds would blowing from the N.N.E., and that our track would be N.E., so you can work the rest out...

We were away just at sunrise...a tad fresh into the wind...

As we worked our way out of Texas and into Oklahoma there were plenty of these grain silos to feed the cattle...

Fastest in the West meets the Conlen.

It was good to see that a few of us formed groups (pacelines as The Colonials have it, ahem) to share the workload and take turns at the front.
From the left...Lasse, Craig, Anthony and me.

And no, there wasn't any ropey attempts at singing like Howard Keel, mercifully.
From the left...Ed, Anthony, Craig, Lasse and me. Second state of the day!

That lasted in various guises until lunch at 70 miles when the fast guys did their own thing i.e. we couldn't stick their pace anymore.
From then on I was solo until the end. Joy. I couldn't honestly say that I enjoyed today but there was a sense of some satisfaction in having done it, and in a reasonable time, all things considered.

Lonnie's big hit...

Mile 91 brings through the town can do your own gags.

And finally into our third state. Still blowing a hooley.

Post-ride steaks (yeah, the ambivalence lasted a whole day) all round.
From the left...Mark, me, Lasse, Anthony, Jay, Clay, Chris and Steve. Shock and horror when we ordered beers and the waitress said that they didn't have a licence. Food was top-notch though!

Being Kansas they go a bundle on 'The Wizard Of Oz'. Oh dear, and goodbye...

Our daily numbers...Stats...stats...stats...


  1. Did you buy a "Dorothy Hooker" in the gift shop to take down the Yellow brick road or is it all fantasy?

    Dave Starkie

  2. that was one straight road - do you have spells of total boredom??

  3. @ Mr. Starkie: Stick to fantasy, Dave!

    @ Mr. Ragg: It can be a real kicker when you crest a hill only to see the road stretch on until it disappears again, and doubly-so in desolate landscape like today's.
    All part of the challenge, so they tell us!

  4. Wotcha mate. Going to have a go at this computer communication on the move new fangled stuff.
    Seriously though, major hats off to you and your mates, hope your not too saddle sore and the winds are kind to you ( you could try beans for breakfast).
    Cheers Al

  5. Hi Al!
    Hope you and the family are in better nick than I am, hah-hah!
    We're almost half-way and everyone is suffering to one degree or another with aches, pains, blisters er, chafing...not a pretty sight, to be fair!
    Hope to see you for beers when (if) I get back...
    All the best!